dijous, 3 de febrer del 2022

Remaking Guernica

 As we explained in last week's blog, in TBL and arts and crafts, 6th graders are working on Picasso and specifically on one of his most renowned works: Guernica.

One of the reasons for working on this painting now is that this week marks World Peace Day and this painting is an example against wars. Another reason is the project we are working on now: contemporary age and Picasso is one of the greatest artists of that time.

In arts and crafts, after understanding the symbolism, the importance of the masterpiece and what it represents, students have begun to reverse the work from their point of view. The students have painted the picture on a large common scale. It has been a creative process trying to reproduce a good personal version of the Guernica.

Below, you can see how they are working, the ideas they have had and how they are enjoying this activity.

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