diumenge, 18 de març del 2018

Crazy about stories

Where do stories you like come from? Can you remember the fairy tales your grandmother used to tell you at bedtime? Have you got a favourite fiction character from a book, a comic, a film...? These are some of the questions 6th year students have been trying to answer to show they are really crazy about stories! 

First, they chose the information they needed after drawing a mind map on their notebooks. Then they started organizing the ideas and anything else, such us the adjectives to give their opinion, either the present or the past tense, useful words, ...

Then it was time to work on their presentations. They had their iPads, some recommendations for the photos research on the Internet and... lots of creativity!

Now everything is ready for their presentations next week, at Speaking Time. I am sure they are going to be really interesting!
Here you have some pictures we took in class to show the process. Enjoy them!

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